I mean what do you consider weird ???
Strange behavior is often the norm for  me ... but that's just me .
But I will come up with somethings that maybe
beyond the norm and scribble 'em down
So shall we ...
1. Sometimes when I am bored and looking for cheap shock value, I
take the full scale human skeleton and strap him into the passenger
seat of my jeep. His name is Tiny. My question ... is it weird to name your skeletons ?
Anyhow, I take Tiny for a ride while I go through my daily errands and I
come up with some excellent double takes and strained neck looks ! 
Lately I've taken to dressing him in a fashionable hat and some times a feather boa ... keeping with the glam style .
I let Tiny hold the mail on the way home !
2. Lately I have been working on a new drum solo which incorporates
slamming into a double bass kick drum rumble (resembling a Harley
Davidson) and while that's going on taking a long swig from an Ozo bottle.
Then ripping the sleaves offa my shirt and wrapping them around the cymbal
stands, dousing them in Ozo and stting them on fire. While the flames burn on each side of the drumkit I roll into the main part of the solo with Buddy Rich speed and Gene Krupa licks. As the flame burns down the solo slows until the flame dies and the lights go down. Do you think that's a little over the top ???
 3. When it's slow in the summer I like to throw on some torn overalls and head down to the river I live near, find a nice spot on a riverbend ( with a cross current ) and sit there staring at the tourists while playing the opening licks to "Dueling Bangos" from the movie DELIVERANCE. This never fails to  cause every other canoe to turn over which leaves the banks of the river yielding free beer from the spilt coolers !
This is officially called being a RIVER PIRATE .
4. Often I like to dress as one of my heros the late great Hunter S Thompson complete with hunting vest, sunglasses, fishing hat and the cigarette onna stem . At times these sessions can lead to small drinking binges and acts of extremely bazaar behavior such as, staying up for days on end writing and watching the film version of "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas repeatedly while exercising my right to quote Dr. Gonzo freely. This activity lead to me gettin' kicked off the Jason D tour.
5. I lead a double life ... has I raise holy hell on the weekends playing
the Devil's rock n roll ... then put on conservative dress and play the organ
at Sunday morning services . The church members have no idea what I do in my time off or most of them (being senior citizens) would most likely be mortified . I like to call this ... get 'em Sinning on Saturday and Save 'em on Sunday !
 I have been thinking of letting Tiny play the opener at Sunday morning service