yes that is a cig lip !!!
U nailed it !!!
Ohh ... hi
Ok ... I am takin'
the damn day off ... at least until noon ... and catching up on a few things netwise ...
I haven't added anything to my blog inna while
and folks have been asking/snoopin'
 ... ie: Stickin their noses in my damn business
so here goes
 if ya got this has an email via another source
sorry ta bug ya
but I really wanna hear what you are sayin' about me in private ... not in a catholic confessional kinda way ... your privates ... well ... not your privates ... hell I don't even think you are in the army ... are U ???
So ... figure I could kill two byrds with one stone ... or the whole band if I can get them reasonable enough
(Damn that was a cheap joke ... I'll try to refrain from makin' it the chorus)
I hear the Stones don't draw well in SOUTH AMERICA ANYWAY ... something to do with the way they hold the pencils south of the equator
... they should stick to music and leave the artwork alone
Sorry Woody ... I really enjoyed meetin ya at the art exhibit years ago and I still think u should have made me a better deal on that pic of Keef Riffhard .. I mean after all I offered ya a whole case of PBR for the pic ... how was I ta know u were a Guiness man !!!
Now Johnny Thunders ... he and I could do some tradin!
 but that's another blog
(actually that story is in my archives somewhere)
along with other tales and shameless name droppin !!!
DAMN ... just reread that
that didn't sound right
Killin 2 byrds with one Stone ???
the next thing I know I will be gettin' remarks about my Valentine's posts or how 8 MILES HIGH was a damn cool song !!!
or worse yet Tom Petty pissed of at me for slaggin the Byrds ... ever notice how he alwayz looks like he is pouting ???
Petty ???
he's really pissed this tyme !!!
any howz
sorry I have been outta touch lately
and hope ya got tyme cuz this scribblin' is filled with needles
errr   I mean ....
needless info ... way too many font changes ... way over-sized pix ... blah blah blah
ala the old daze of our of ranting and raving with no aim in sight style
... complete withe mis/spelings and too many of these ... (...) what I call the HUNTER S THOMPSON "segway" ... run on fragmented sentences and phrases that could use some comma splices ... placebo drug references laced with sexually, stimulated, sentences and ...
i where it should be I
... did i mentioned mispellings ???
OK ...  I will try to in..mprove on the 2nd grade spellin !!!
u just can't get good speed anymore
OH shit did I write that ???
Better keep my thoughts in my head
while I am ahead
well I am not actually a head
and I don't "recreational condone drug use" but it always worked for some of the authors I steal lines from ...