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An Early  Morning film
Wanna jump back to the 60's???
Here's your Magic Carper Ride ...
Un film di Roger Corman.

Con Robert Corff, Elaine Giftos, Bud Cort, Talia Shire, Ben Vereen, Cindy Williams.
Can u dig it ???


The legendary Screamin' Jay Hawkins was a great influence on many musicians and his performances were so highly provocative in their originality that even today they can be considered "revolutionary".

Screamin' Jay Hawkins met Nicholas Triandafyllidis and commissioned him to make a documentary about his notorious life in and out of the music industry. Screaming Jay came to Greece and he gave his very last concerts in Thessaloniki and Athens, before his sudden death in Paris in 2000.




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... rare and seldom seen items    Click my pic to go to the  page is dedicated to one of my favorite bands ... the Rolling Stones. Featuring more Stones movies and such including the legendary underground flick "COCKSUCKER BLUES" as well as, interviews with Keith Richards at the New York Public Library and much much more !


   Marjoe Gortner was the first Evangelical preacher to blow the whistle on his profession. In his documentary film, Marjoe, made in the late sixties, he revealed age-old tricks of the trade and exposed some of the entertainment aspects of the popular movement that have made it big business.

From the beginning, his preaching skills were meticulously cultivated. Before he learned to say "Mamma" or "Poppa," he was taught to sing "Hallelujah!" When he was nine months old his mother taught him the right way to shout "Glory!" into the microphone. At three, he could preach the gospel from memory, and he received drama coaching and instruction in every performing art from saxophone playing to baton twirling.

Marjoe's captivating sermons rarely failed to fill the church collection plate to the brim, and his renowned faith healings were miraculous even to him. In his teens, however, Marjoe grew disenchanted with the continued deception of his divine powers. He left the Evangelical movement in search of more legitimate means of employment. He spent some time in a rock band, trying to move with the changing times; then he returned to the Evangelical circuit to make his revealing motion picture. Marjoe is one of those frank films that delves deeply into sensitive areas of American morality that slip over the line into profiteering.




Crossroads is a 1986 film starring Ralph Macchio, Joe Seneca and Jami Gertz, inspired by the legend of blues musician Robert Johnson.

The film was written by John Fusco and directed by Walter Hill and featured an original score featuring Ry Cooder and Steve Vai. Vai also appears in the film as the devil's guitar player in the climactic guitar duel.

Fusco was a traveling blues musician prior to attending NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where he wrote "Crossroads" as a masterclass assignment under screenwriting legends Waldo Salt and Ring Lardner, Jr. The student screenplay won first place in the national FOCUS Awards (Films of College and University Students) and sold to Columbia Pictures while Fusco was still a student.

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ROCK and ROLL HIGH SCHOOL Executive Producer Corman wanted a latter-day version of his wild-teen films of the 1950s and 1960s, and he felt that the best way to adapt to the 1970s would be to center the plot on the popular music of the day The Ramones.

The film starred P. J. Soles, Vince Van Patten, and Clint Howard.[1] Darby Crash and Lorna Doom of The Germs also played extras in this film.

 "Will your school be next?"

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Before MTV auditioned 7 people to live in an unbelievable house and call it "real", there was "Another State of Mind". Before 7 or 8 more people had the privilege to cruise in an awesome bus, there were the kids of Social Distortion and Youth Brigade clunking around in a beat-up old School Bus from the 70's!

In October of 1982, Youth Brigade lead singer Sean Stern had the idea to "tour" the U.S. along with a "pretty good" band named Social Distortion. The tour was a failure, but the footage of their adventures till this day is hilarious!

The interview of the local fans in the streets is very strong and candid. MArcell, the fellow who was run over by a car, is a very quotable individual. In DC with "Minor Threat", is classic...especially the Ice Cream shop footage in Georgetown.

A simple documentary about some punks before they became punk legends. It was very rare to see a young Mike Ness with the late Dennis Danell really working on the "Amother State of Mind" the song.

An absolute for the old-school punkers!


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