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It was Memphis ... 1987 and I am in a shower with a four track Tascam 244.
Four hours of writing lyrics later with the help two great "gitar" players adding their guitar parts ... combined with a couple of fifths of Jack Daniels, various medicinal smoking substances and some white powder when Mountain Man Moon Martin was born w/ yours truly on vocals, drums, bass, and harmonica.
It actually  was just a break in between writing serious songs (and demoing them on the TASCAM) for the my 2nd RCA record.  Alotta RCA history buried in those lyrics and I gotta say there are a lotta truisms in the story ... going to Hollywood as a youngman blah, blah blah. . Thought the recording was lost forever ... finally found a copy in the closet ... where possibly it should have remained with the empty 5ths of JACK, strange smelling pipe, and well scraped mirror.

Back in '87 tthe song had became a small underground late night "on the way to the bar cassette" that many of my friends  hadand over the years has I have dug up more of them thru the net ... there have been more in more inquires.

So all that said ... here is the "TRUE" story (the names have been changed to protect the innocent) of the BOYS FROM BUCKSNORT - featuring MOUNTAIN MAN MOON MARTIN



Boys from Bucksnort featuring MOUNTAIN MAN MOON MARTIN

The Boys from Bucksnort draw heavily on many different musical styles. The main emphasis is on 20's and 30's music with a touch of 70's, but influences from other eras are in the music as well. Blues, Ragtime, Rockabilly, Boogie, Irish, Folk, Gypsy, Hillbilly -- anything is fair game. But don't let this scare you off, this band rocks! The energy levels of the live shows make it really hard to hold still.
Photobucket History:
Although the Boys from Bucksnort formed in 1987, the history of the band goes back much further. Drummer Dufus Thomas (famous for the song Walkin the Hog") and guitarist Shakey Sliim Walker along with harmonica player Blow Hardy and bassist Mad "tub" Jones formed The Travelin Snakeheads in 1975. The Band became a staple in the Southern scene with their straight-ahead homemade styles. They opened shows for people like Charley Musslewhite, Little Charley and the Nightcats, and Charles Brown. In 1979, the band felt it had run it's course and disbanded. In the interim, guitarist Shakey Walker began getting interested in Ragtime and it's influence on the Piedmont guitar styles of Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, and Blind Willie McTell through a chance meeting with legendary MOUNTAIN MAN MOON MARTIN ... who they soon added on vocals and spoons. So in 1985, Shakey convinced his former bassist Tub Jones and drummer D Thomas to form The Boys from Bucksnort with MOUNTAIN MAN MOON MARTIN. Although they were skeptical at first, as the style developed, it was obvious they were on to something. The Band also released a cassette in 1980, titled "American Fork Music". They became regulars in the Bucksnort live music scene. They have opened shows for people ranging from Chicago Blues Guitarist Luther Jr. Johnson to the rock bands like Dash Rip Rock. The band released its first CD, in June of 1981 to a lot of anxious fans. The CD received great reviews and radio play all over the world. Their second CD, Too Tight, was released in April of 1984. It also received great reviews and lots of radio play. Since then the band has opened for guitar slingers Johnny Winter and Bugs Henderson and roots bands like The Paladins, Deke Dickerson, Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars, and Southern Culture on the Skids. The current lineup consists of Skakey Walker on Guitar and Vocals, Dufus Thomas on Drums, Shane Stewart on Bass, and just about anybody who happens to drop by the bandhouse. The band's infulences have continued to expand into all sorts of roots music -- from Gypsy, to Celtic, to Hillbilly -- but the band really rocks -- no cookie cutter stuff. The band released their third CD ... finest ingredients, in November of 1986 after MOUNTAIN MAN MOON MARTIN's  girlfriend ... Tracy Fords left him for a traveling rock and roll outfit. Heart broken and down in the dumps. Mountain Man headed out ta find Tracy in the glam tattered streets of Los Angeles, taking his guitar and Tascam multi track 244 recorder in tow with him. The result was a collection of pinable tunage intitled the Return of the Boys from Bucksnort. The disc charted in February and March of 1987 on the Freeform American Roots Chart. The band is playing shows regularly in Bucksnort Senior Center, and doing some limited touring in the US.
Tracy Fords in Los Angeles - 1985
"The Boys from Bucksnort are the coolest band I've heard come through these parts in a long, long time." - Bucksnort Springs Independent
"Every band thinks it's a 'roots' band, but The Boys from Bucksnort have a pedigree even chemical stump-remover couldn't extract." - NASHVILLE SCENE
"The last three times I saw you guys, I got blisters on my feet." - Becky
"In this self-released CD, the band reinterprets these classics for the end of the 20th century, but doing it with respect and affection, and that's good." - Bucksnort Review
"...a full range of great tunes to inspire you." - the Boys from Bucksnort's preacherman
"It works." - Bucksnort Review
"If you haven't forgotten that these good ole boys were meant for good times, this is a band you should check out." - Living Blues
"These three guys hail from Bucksnort, TN, but listening to their record you get the feeling they REALLY live in the back of the old man Jenkin's Barn ." - Smitty Ray Barlow
"They win fans wherever they play by blending old favorites that could appease any crowd with original vibrance that compels the listener with a groove to move. - Rolling Stoned Magazine
"For those of you like me, that really appreciate the roots - I mean the old original versions of old old tunes that really have paved the way for everything in '96, this is an entire album of those great old tunes, by people like Lonnie Johnson, Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Kokomo Arnold, and others .... The Electric Rag Band - that belongs in your collection." - John Henry -- KMOD's Smokehouse Blues Show
"Slim's vocals are suitably rough and ragged, and his guitar work is solid and sure handed, up-to-date with just a whiff of the old-timey." - John Wooley -- The Memphis Tire & Baitshop
"At last a new, original approach to the Bluegrass ! - Joe Brennen -- the bathroom of the North 40 truckstop
"This is a pleasing eye-opener for those who think blues has to be loud and electric. Recommended. - Chicago Kerry -- The TBC Blue Notes
".. an enthusiastic dive into this project may be educational and rewarding." - Chad Bonham -- John Bonham's high brother
"It's highly academic and fascinating." - Thomas Conner -- some guy who watched "O Brother Where Art thou"
Photobucket Guitarist Slim Walker in his brother's old platform shoes (1985)


Written for my local area regarding flooding on the Spring river. For those of you not familiar with my passion for taking care of this wonderful resource in my backyard ... please take some tyme and watch the video following this article

(This article originally appeared in the Spring River Survival guide magazine)



"Dad, what is that?" he inquired, pointing to a strange-looking contraption which had only recently appeared on the old bridge. I looked up at the bizarre apparatus. All I knew was that it had never been here before. Having no idea what to reply, I worked my way out of my son’s question by joking, "Why, that’s an intergalactic communications device placed here by the aliens who live at the bottom of the river. They use it to phone home."
He didn’t buy into it.

   In reality, I had no idea what this antenna-bearing, solar panel-wearing, hi-tech thingamajig was. Later that day, crossing the old Cold Springs bridge, I found another one. This time I stopped to read the information on the back. It stated, "USGS," which sounded pretty official to me... so I wasted no time in moving on.
Imagine my surprise when on my way into town yesterday, I was confronted by a temporary one-lane bridge sign and a team of USGS ("men in orange") installing one of these gizmos only a few miles from my house. Politely waving to the crew as I passed by, I took notice of the fact that this looked like quite an operation, with a crane supporting a squad of five men and a team of official-looking trucks on the bridge. I made it up the road about a quarter-mile before wheeling my jeep around.

Okay… I had to know what was going on.
These mystifying mechanisms were getting closer to my home.

That’s when I met Ben Thompson. Fresh out of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, on this day Ben had been assigned the job of regulating the one-lane bridge traffic with a two-sided stop sign. It was clear that he would much rather have been assisting the bridge workers installing the whatchamacallits instead of waving that sign around whenever a car passed by. Sitting in the sweltering summer heat with nothing much to do, Ben was more than happy to answer a few questions and dispel my extra-terrestrial theories.

Turns out these space-age Jetson-looking boxes can perform a wide variety of tasks that will benefit the local community, as well as keep the U.S. Geological Survey organization (the USGS) well-informed via a geostationary satellite which orbits the earth ... keeping tabs on every one of these little silver information transmitters.

"Technically it’s called a streamgage," Ben informs me. "Each one is equipped with a computer that monitors river level, rainfall, as well as air and water temperature every fifteen minutes . The computer sends hourly updates to the USGS website which are immediately posted on the site. In addition to the Spring River, the streamgages are installed on the Myatt and South Fork rivers ... all of which empty into the Spring River."

The team vehicles installing a new streamgage

An advanced early warning flood system may be a life-saver the next time the river roars again, as it did in September 2006, when two people near Hardy lost their lives in a flash flood. The Spring River Basin received as much as 12 inches of rain in a short period causing water in Hardy to rise 13 feet in less than 12 hours. Such devices would have been also been invaluable on the Little Missouri River in June 2010, when flood waters rose as swiftly as 8 feet an hour and claimed the lives of 20 people at a popular campground near Glenwood, Arkansas.
Ben introduced me to the project's manager; Dan Wagner, a hydrologist from the Arkansas Water Science Center's Fayetteville field office . "The plan is to have the Upper Spring River Early Flood Warning System complete by October, " he adds, "which would make it possible for locals to access the information via their cell phones and home computers through the USGS website."
Dan also suggests I visit the USGS website for even more details.

Project Manager Dan Wagner, Hydrologist with the USGS installing a new gage

The USGS site describes the agency this way: "An unbiased, multi-disciplinary science organization that focuses on biology, geography, geology, geospatial information, and water, we are dedicated to the timely, relevant, and impartial study of the landscape, our natural resources, and the natural hazards that threaten us." The site also lists real time data from 160 existing streamgages in the state of Arkansas which can be very helpful for anglers, boaters, or others who need to know the water levels at specific waterways in Arkansas. You can visit the site at:
The project actually began a few years back, Dan explains, in the wake of the September 2006 flood, when Hardy Mayor Nina Thornton, Fire Chief Lonnie Phelps and Police Chief Ernie Rose held a meeting with about 60 people in the old Hardy gym. On hand to explain how the system would work and benefit the community were Jaysson Funkhouser, a USGS surface water specialist from Little Rock, National Weather Service warning coordination meteorologist John Robinson of North Little Rock, and NWS hydrologist Steve Bays of Cabot, Arkansas.
"We’d like to see everyone—the canoe rentals [owners], the campsites [owners]—all pitch in together and fund this a little bit," Hardy Police Chief Ernie Rose said at the meeting. He suggested that communities, cities, fire departments and other civil entities canvas the areas involved, asking businesses to commit to helping fund the early warning system.

  A new streamgage on the Spring itself

Fire Chief Lonnie Phelps pointed out the benefits of the proposed warning system, comparing it to the system Hardy has adopted in the past decades. "I’ll tell you what you’ve had in the past—you’ve had Ernie and I out watching the river."
"If it saves only one life, it’s worth it," Mayor Thornton said.
Mayor Thornton then applied for and was awarded a $125,000 grant from NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) for an Upper Spring River Early Flood Warning Information System after the floods of September 2006 claimed several lives and floods during March and April of 2008 caused extensive damage in the area. The grant pays for the installation and one year's operation and maintenance of the three new Upper Spring River Early Flood Warning Information System gages in the watershed (South Fork Spring River, Spring River near Mammoth Springs, and Myatt Creek gages ).

It may have taken some time to get the flood warning program up and running, but here on the Myatt bridge, three years later, talking with Dan and Ben, I easily see the advantages this system can bring to the community as well as helping the USGS keep tabs on our precious waterways. The team is nearing the completion of this particular gage while Dan and I chat briefly about the system . Dan is assisted on this project by; two other Hydrologic Technicians in addition to Ben - Ted Wallace and Kane Martin ( Hydrologic Technicians)  and Brandon Aist (from the Arkansas Water Science Center in Little Rock a student Hydrologic Technician), and Justin White (another Hydrologic Technician out of the Oklahoma Water Science Center in Tulsa)

Dan continues, "Each streamgage in the warning system is equipped with a powerful computer which, as soon as water reaches dangerous levels, will automatically telephone emergency rescue teams, police chiefs and others whose numbers are programmed into the gage. The way a typical streamflow gaging station works is by measuring gage height (river level), rain, water temperature, and air temperature information which are collected every 15 minutes, transmitted to a geosatellite once every hour, then transmitted back to our processing center in Virginia, eventually making it to our NWIS website (NWIS stands for National Water Information System)."
Then he begins to lose me with a bit more technical information as he explains, "Stream discharge (volume of water flowing down the stream) is added to the data on NWIS from a stage-discharge "rating curve" that USGS maintains. The rating curve is developed by making discharge measurements across a wide range of gage heights, from low gage heights when the stream is a mere trickle to higher gage heights when the stream is at flood. Hydrologic Technicians visit streamflow gaging stations every 8 weeks and sometimes more often to verify that the gage is working properly, reading correctly, and to make discharge measurements."
Wow ... I thought to myself !

I was starting to believe the alien theory myself. This was some serious space age stuff !

The Myatt Streamgage mid installation

"In addition to the streamgage’s invaluable flood warning information," Dan elaborates, "some of the streamgages in the state also record and transmit data regarding the water quality. Whether you drink water from your tap or canoe down your local river, chances are you will benefit in some way from the USGS streamgage information. Once the new program is in place," he tells me, "a public meeting will be held in Hardy . Anyone interested is invited to attend in order to learn more about how the system works ."
Ben remarks, "Perhaps if such a forewarning system had been in place on the Little Missouri River back in June, that terrible disaster could have been avoided."
As I drive away, leaving the team to finish their work, I can’t help but agree. It’s good to know that the City of Hardy, as well as folks along the river, will soon be better prepared for future flash floods due to the efforts of the USGS and the initiative of some of our local officials.
Later while exchanging emails to fine tune this article Dan writes:
There are six real-time streamflow gaging stations are currently operational in our area:
07069190 Mammoth Spring at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas
07069220 Spring River near Mammoth Springs, Arkansas (located at Game and Fish Commission's Cold Springs Access above Dam 3)
07069305 Spring River at Town Branch Bridge at Hardy, Arkansas
07069500 Spring River at Imboden, Arkansas
07069295 South Fork of Spring River at Saddle, Arkansas
070692657 Myatt Creek north of Saddle, Arkansas"
The Spring River at Town Branch Bridge at Hardy streamflow gaging station is the first of four gages in the Upper Spring River Early Flood Warning Information System. The site sends call alerts to the local 911 office, National Weather Service, USGS, City of Hardy Police, and other emergency responders when the gage height (river level) reaches 8.0 ft at the gage. Three of the above-mentioned streamflow gaging stations will be added to the Early Flood Warning Information System, hopefully by the end of October, 2010: Spring River near Mammoth Springs, South Fork of Spring River at Saddle, and Myatt Creek north of Saddle. These sites will have call-out capabilities similar to those at the Spring River at Town Branch Bridge at Hardy station.

In 2006, the city of Hardy only had 20 to 30 minutes to evacuate low-lying areas. However, with the newly-installed Early Flood Warning System in place and operating, that time frame could increase to two to three hours’ evacuation time, allowing everyone to safely move to higher ground.

"Water is probably the most important commodity for the nation. It’s one that’s under appreciated but it’s essential for life, as we know. None of us can get by within a day or two without drinking it. And so, knowing how much water is available in our rivers and our streams is critical for the national health. And using our streamgages, we can monitor that flow in rivers and know how much water is available. It’s critically important as we go into the future and uncertain climate, as climate change affects the availability of water in rivers and streams around the country."
- Matthew Larson
~ transcript from "Streamgages: The Silent Superhero" ~


NOW FOR THE OTHERSIDE OF THE COIN ... the following article also appeared in the JULY 28, 2010 Issue of SRSG mag ... it is probably one of the most locally oreinted interviews I have ever done. Special thanx goes out to JODY SHACKLEFORED FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN !




January 4, 2011


NO DAMN WAY or the story of
A lil history first ...
Abe Lincoln was a President .
Ok we are done with that crap

Seriously ...after the Rock City Angels' Los Angeles/Geffen days ended I picked up the pieces and headed back to my old stomping grounds in Memphis. There I enrolled at the University of Memphis and began my studies on ethnomusicology and the synclavier. The university boasts one of he foremost authorities on the delta blues ... Dr David Evans.
In my third semester I was asked to attend a impromptu jam session at Newbys on the Highland strip. It was there that I met up with Jason D Williams and we got down to "bidness" and proceeded to play (me with just a snare) wild rockabilly for hours on end.   We had actually met years before when I was recording at Ardent to smash up and detonate some pumpkins but that's another story ..
Ten years prior, Rock City Angels lead singer Bobby Durango had seen Jason D play and and invited me to see him do his show one Halloween eve. But we had never played together until now.
Anyhow ...

After the Newby's jam session Jason informed me that he was in search of a drummer and after some thought over several days, I accepted the drum chair behind his band which began a fourteen year stint with the Wildman Jason D.
A lil' background on Jason:
Often JD's band served as a back up act for major country recording artists such as Tanya Tucker, Wynonna, Billy Ray Cirrus, etc ... but out of all the gigs ... I think the two highlights of my time as Jason's drummer has to be the trip to the White house to play for Hillary Clinton's birthday bash and performing for Prince &*&** in Monaco. Oh hell no it hadda be playing DELTA DAWN behind TANYA TUCKER !
Make that 3 off the top of my head.
But on this day I only commit the White house trek to this site ... the deal went down as so.
I was at my parent's house when the call came in from our Knoxville, Tennessee's branch of management. They had received the request for us to work the Whitehouse party.
Now in retrospect this really was nothing exceptionally new. We had already participated in several political events with the Clintons. Although none had been in the Big White House ... we had worked the Thursday post function in Little Rock as well as many of the campaign get togethers.
But get this kicker !
This time they wanted us to play for free.
Now if there is one thing I can't stand it's to play for free for someone who has the bucks to shell out. I mean don't get me wrong, I will play Handy park in Memphis for tips at the drop and take of a hat but ... the government ? Well I think you get the idea.
So I turned it down. I was in the middle of a family function and they wanted me to be at the airport in Memphis in like six hours for no bread. The gig didn't pay anything but has management put it to me ... "Think how it will look on your resume!"
Yeah right. I had no aspirations of a political career.

After a few heated phone calls back and forth we finally agreed I would play the show and get paid my regular pay so off I went to my house to pack for the Whitehouse.
I mean what the hell ... some times ya gotta play hardball, but I gotta admit,  was starting to get a bit excited now at the prospect of actually walking in the door at Pennsylvania Ave.
I threw together some stuff ... very beatnik looking. Basic black with a beret and drove down to Memphis (were I met the boys in the band) for the rental van trip to Knoxville where we were going to take the one of the Budweiser private jets. At the time we held a (well deserved) endorsement with the company.
Since we sponsered by a Budweiser distributorship .... they had provided the plane ... a few upper end Bud executives/CEOs were also there waiting. Hey it ain't everyday ya get meet the President and even these fat cats were excited by the idea that we were about to play in one of the highest office in the world.
They needed some goo tales to tell around Christmas time to the grand kids ... I suppose
So there we were.
A group of Southern rockabilly misfits, a few lawyers, the owner of the Knoxville Budweiser company ( who also brought county vocalist Con Hunley in tow), all
of us on our merry way through the friendly skies to Washington DC.
The trip was quick ... and within a few hours we had touched down and we were met by a blue van which took us through the streets of the capitol city to a very nice four star restaurant for a fine rib eye steak. I was beginning to like this trip.
Now grant it this whole gig had gone down very fast. All of the presidential bookings we worked seemed to be that way. I think it helps with security ... no time for much planning on your part for any espionage you might be up too. Although they never quite managed to foil my plans of stealing a few WHITEHOUSE napkins from the building !
So after a short private jet trip we were taken to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Here we were cleared for security. I am sure upon reflecting ... that all of us had already been checked out several times before in the past, so this was just routine at this point ... as we we played the party 2 days after Bill had been elected and and a few other functions ). But hey ! We were about to met the President of the United States and when you are in a situation as such, all per cautions and double checks are taken.
I once had a secret service man tell me (while playing the festive event 2 days after Bill was elected)  "one of my men drew a bead on you back there" He was referring to the kitchen area I had been roaming during a Little Rock Thursday, post election gig. The event was held in a convention center and hell I was just killing nothing but time before going on. However, I had misinterpreted the power change Bill Clinton had just received. He was no longer just Governor ... he was the damn President of the United Sates of America !
For security measures, our equipment had been driven to the gig a day earlier. Right after the initial call, Don our road manager at the time, had taking off with the gear from Nashville. Upon arrival he told me it had been scrutinized by security for weapons of mass destruction, traces of gunpowder and the like.
Equipment didn't much matter to me. I was going to play the White house drum kit. Hell it's not everyday ya get to do that. Think of the drummers who have played that set !
Once inside the White house we were given lament passes marked firmly with the words ESCORT ONLY and then quickly shuffled inside to the East Room. Instantly I remembered hearing tales of this wing being haunted by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln !
It being Oct 26th ... I thought wouldn't that be a far out scene to see old honest Abe beaming us down with piercing eyes and the old beard/top hat routine.
Once inside we checked out the house instruments. Very nice. We were also informed that we would be backing Gladys Knight on a few numbers. One being happy birthday to the first lady. Alright this was gettin cooler by the minute. Sound check being later than usual the guests began filing in before we finished so we called it off. The East Wing is a rather small room somewhat resembling your average hotel convention room and a solid sound check was really unnecessary.
Now again, keep in mind the date ... Oct 26th

 ... somebody had decided this would be a costume party and before I could say "what a long Strange trip it's been" I was confronted with of the first guests of the evening ... one dressed as Jerry Garcia. Yes this was a different administration than the Bush clan had been . 
I thought what would Willie do ?
Well I didn't have the luxuries that Willie had so I moseyed over to the bar and to my surprise I remember that they only served hard liquor. No beer tonight in the old White house ... just the hard stuff.
This was showing all the signs of being a rocking time.
More guests came filing in and I know behind the surrealistic Halloween masks were some very, very important folks. Although you didn't know who you were talking to do through the disguises. I pretty much stayed to my self. I didn't want a similar circumstance as the Little rock incident happening.
Interesting friends the Clinton family had going here. The buffet opened and as usual I and the other musicians hit it hard.
Get this they served hamburgers !
Alright !

I grabbed a couple of them and and finally decided to order a Jack Daniels at the open bar. One couldn't hurt although tonight I knew more than ever I had to take drink in strong moderation.
I was sitting at a table when the disturbance hit. An anxious crowd was moving through the hallway and towards the staircase. I figured only one thing could trigger this response. The presidential family was coming on down the stairs.
Sure enough as I squeezed in with the others near the grand piano there they came. Bill, Hillary. and Chelsea ... complete with braces.
The Clintons were dressed as Mrs. Betsy Rose and our sixth President Mr John Quincy Adam. This made for an interesting get up with Bill dressed in a powdered wig and white tights !

Far out !

He looked like one of Paul Revere and the Raiders.
No sooner had they arrived than a slide show of years gone by began playing in the next room. Really cool stuff based around the lives and careers of Hillary. There were some great shots in there of the good ole hippy days and I remember recalling that I thought it was pretty cool to have these two in the highest office in the land. Having come from that type of stock.
The band ambled up to the stage and awaited the sideshow's end.
Jason started out with a few slow, moody, classical pieces before abruptly hitting the rockabilly standard. "My gal is Redhot" the party was on at 1600 Pennsylvania !

Same ole show, but for Gladys Knight sitting in with us and singing Happy Birthday to the first lady. Good thing she stopped there .. Jason's band is hot but we weren't no Pips !
 Ms.Knight and my chance to be a PIP for a day
Now somewhere about 45 minutes into the show I looked up to see none other than our commander in chief walking down the hallway towards the band stand. Now get this ... he had dumped his powdered wig and had taken some of the glow in the dark sticks (like you get at rock concerts) trimmed them down and with the add of a few strips of transparent tape had affixed them to his brow ... giving him a nice pair
of glowing neon eyebrows.
 Pretty daper, cool & cosmo for the Prez
HMMM .. I thought about what Willie would do again  ???
Bill strutted straight up to the band stand saxophone in hand and didn't even ask to sit in .. I mean shit he's the President of the United States ... get the man a mic !
Our sax player, Jonas Weathers, quickly offered to share his vocal mic and Bill stepped up to the moment and started wailing away.
You know what ?
He really wasn't that bad at all. I had heard he played sax .. hell I even had gotten some swag T shirts early into his campaign which read "Clinton the Cure for the Blues" and featured a picture of him with his sax in hand.

But I had never heard him until now. Now granted he wasn't no Boots Randolph nor Charlile Parker. No wasn't no seasoned pro ... but for the President of the United States he was surely "gettin' 'er down " !
We must have played about eight more tunes before the set ended and Bill took his share of rides on the good ole rock n roll train.  When we finished it felt very strange to have the president just hanging around the stage breaking down his horn like any other working musician, gettin' off work at their regular gig. Albeit at this point I began to wonder if there was a correlation between the many Jerry Garcias present at the party and the secret service. It's quite possible. It would have made great cover and they would be able to instantly identify each other.
Pictured from Left to Right: Jonas Weathers, RJ Jukes. President Bill Clinton, Jason D Williams.
The boys discussing the state of rock n roll and the Nations need for such !

Anyhows ... afterward we all chit chatted  .,. about has much as you can chat with one of the most powerful men in the free world. Bill told us he had a great time. I joked that he shouldn't quit his day job and we talked of the old days when I first met him in Arkansas ... he had been State Attorney General then. After a few minutes of this he excused himself with a statement that he had to work on the health bill in the morning.
http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g96/memphiswitch777/jukesattorneygeneralcropped.jpg That's yours truly to immediate right of Bill Clinton,
 when he was Arkansas Attorney General in 1979

We were promptly whisked away to the airport and the awaiting private King Air and flown back to Knoxville. We were there so quick that it was like none of this ever happened. Two hours later and we we were at a truck stop in Tenn. It was 8:30 PM .  The cashier was informed by Jason that we had just played the white house to which the clerk replied, "sure "!
I joked with him ... 'why don't you call up there and ask 'em if they don't have a thirty foot pumpkin on their front porch ?"
Happy Halloween (in advance for 2011)
Yes after all that I still have to take care of my taxes, act withing the Law ... and can't even get outta speeding tickets !
Court Date ... pending


Release of RCA's Midnight Confessions: Lost Recordings From 1989 To 1992

December 3, 2010

Glad ta see these recordings from my old band finally surface for the public on a label ! Geffen records buried these years ago, but thanx to a Nashville indie they are seeing the light if day again. Below is a review from Sleaze Roxx  !

Bobby Durango - vocals and percussion
Mike Barnes - lead guitar (2,4,5,6,12)
Lloyd Stuart Casson - lead guitar
Brian Robertson - lead and rhythm guitar (7)
Doug Banx - rhythm guitar (2,4,5,6,12)
Steve Nolan - rhythm guitar
Andy Panik - bass
James Cooper - bass (7)
Ringo Jukes - drums and percussion
Rick Steff - keyboards (2,4,5,6,12)

Produced by Bobby Durango. Remastered by Chris Dunnett and FnA Records.

When it comes to the Rock City Angels there have always been more conspiracy theories surrounding the band than actual songs released. Midnight Confessions: Lost Recordings From 1989 To 1992 attempts to alleviate that problem by collecting several songs written for what was to be the group's second Geffen album -- which never materialized.

  These previously unreleased recordings feature three different version of the Rock City Angels, displaying a revolving door policy with only singer Bobby Durango and drummer Ringo Jukes appearing throughout. The Young Man's Blues line-up makes an appearance on 5 tracks, including the album's highlight "Looks Like Up". This song perfectly captures the hopelessness the band was likely feeling after watching all their hype come crashing down to Earth -- the chorus of "I've been down so long, it looks like up to me" perfectly conveys that message. "Shattered Shake" on the other hand finds the guys simply rocking out before drifting into a great cover of The Grass Roots' "Midnight Confessions".

  The second version of the Rock City Angels appearing on this CD slow things down with "One Last Time", "2:45" and the haunting "Cryin' To The Night", but also prove they can rock on the excellent "Right On Time". Finally we have the Rock City Angels' last breath, as they tried unsuccessfully to reignite the band's fortunes with Thin Lizzy and Motorhead's Brian Robertson. The result was "Heart And Soul", a soulful rocker that is alright but pales in comparison to the band's best works.

  Despite the accusations and hard feelings that have been passed back and forth between some members of the band over the years, the one thing they can't take away from each other is that they made some magical music together. You can listen to Midnight Confessions and try to piece together the strange story of the Rock City Angels or you can simply enjoy the music without overanalyzing these underground legends.




November 11, 2010
Veterans day
Please take the time out to thank a local veteran today

The first round of fire echoed across the mid-western farmland with much more intensity than I had expected. Cutting through the roaring winds and into my head with a finality I so badly needed ... but again hadn't expected ... causing many of my family to wince even stronger than the day's wailing, winter wind. The shots I heard reflected a great man's service to his country ... a service that would have made any Arlington morning smile with pride.
Orders were shouted above said howling winds, as the local color guardsman turned and fired another volley into the snow covered skies. This second round of gun fire seemed even louder than the first, backed by the calming, final song of one lone horn . I had never heard "Taps" played so clearly has I did on this snow covered plain. I would have thought it canned, if I hadn't seen the military musician with horn to lips myself.
They were just words ... but they carried a powerful message.
"This flag is presented on behalf of a grateful nation as an expression of appreciation for the honorable and faithful service rendered by your loved one ."
I proudly accepted the offering, as easily as I allowed the commanding officer to drop the still warm shell casings into my my freezing hands ... and as the metal met my open palm ... I knew.
My father was gone.
The past few days seemed a blur .
The man who single handedly introduced me to the music which would guide the course of my life, was gone. No more would we hear the strains of the likes of Johnny Cash and nod together silently, in agreement that there would never be another like him.
See has a small boy ... I would often sit and listen to my Dad run through his his vast music collection, be it vinyl or reel to reel tape. Soaking in the sounds which I still resound today with each bass bomb and snare snap I drop.
The man who patiently taught me how to apply low english to the cue ball ... in order to keep it from following the eight into the corner pocket ... was gone. From this day forward I would have to call my own shots .
The man who so lovingly took in his Hollywood heroin ravaged son, after years of drug induced non communication ... the prodigal son come home ... to slowly reclaim my drug torn soul ... on my own terms ...  through the rays of the summer sun pasture of his peaceful farm ... was gone .
The man who had taught me to travel in style, yet when I could ... stop and smell the roses ... has he took myself and family along every chance he could through his worldy travels ... through military bases from Spain to Okinawa ... Wright-Patterson to his final retirement at Travis Air Force base in California ... was gone.
I should note that, like many soldiers of his generation, my father did not talk about his experiences during the war ... reluctant to call attention to himself.
My mind raced through these childhood memories of my wonderful father, as I watched his fellow soldiers stand at attention at his grave until the flag folding cermony was complete . The flag then passed to the NCOIC, the OIC, and finally myself, as the rifle team began leaving the gravesite, with one member remaining. One soldier on one vigil. His mission ... to watch over the body until it is interred into the ground.
Even in his final days ... confined to a hospital bed ... my father continued teaching me how to accept death with elegance and grace with his ever present sarcasm using lines like, "son you have to get me outta here ... I am drawing to much attention" 
I can only hope that I can be has steadfast in my ways, to do the same for my young son, who only seems to understand that Grandpa has gone to heaven .
This mornng I am back home in the hills my Daddy so loved through the last thirty years of his life and I must say ... Dad without you nothing will ever be the same.
I so miss you .
I so wish as I look out this cold morn, into the early gray skies, I could see you driving up to my house one more time ... unexpected ... to see what that "long haired son of his is up to." Often to find me nursing my wounds from last night's show and giving me that stern, yet gentle look. His own personal brand of quiet, unspoken "boy you better shape up" reprimandation .
It is time for the third round of shots Dad ... the one in which I must learn to carry on without you to learn my lessons alone ... care for my mother and your loving wife of sixty years and try the best I can to ... to the best the man I can ever hope to be ... in a word.
I'll do my best and although I can't ever recall you pulling a copy from your vast music collection ... the one which taught me so well the basics of my craft in this life .
"I'll see you on the Darkside of the Moon" 
I miss you dearly.
Kenneth Robert Larson
May 22, 1926 - February 26, 2007

Pic taken in Spring Valley, Ill  March 2 - O7:00 hours
this was originally posted on Myspace ... to see the original post and comments following got to:

How the Hell did the Great Pumpkin get a bag of ROCKS ?

October 29, 2010
*Warning* I am about to put on my snickety old man face, it may not be pretty.

'It's the Great Pumpkin' rap, Charlie Brown
Who the hell inserted the word rap in that famous sentence ?

I don't make it a habit of watching much Boob Tube, but I was a lil geared up for Thursday night’s airing of
“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,”
Well ... ABC has come up with a, um, "hip" way to remind you.
As in, hip-hop !!!

Apparently some genius at the ABC promo department had a “genius” idea for proper promotion of this week’s screening of the Halloween classic It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Turn Charlie Brown into a somewhat more flow-challenged version of Poochie, complete with retroscripted mouth-movements. One has to wonder just how this idea—which is executed as poorly as you might expect—came about. Inept pandering to the “kids” of today?

In a “Pumpkin Rap” performed by “Charlie B and the Peanuts Posse,” a voice that we can only assume belongs to Charlie Brown's rhyming alter-ego

No I am not making this up.

It has been 44 years since the animated short first aired, so we suppose ABC had to find some way to keep it fresh...although we're not sure if this was the way to do it.

At least both Schulz and Bill Melendez aren’t around to see this.


So if your so inclined ta see the original ... it's on the site for FREE with tons of other full length films !
Just go to the home page and click the EDDY WOOD MEMORIAL FILM SECTION !

Tx for reading

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The Local Halloween Bash

October 26, 2010
Before I head off for the Not so Scary Party at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando

http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g96/memphiswitch777/stillwaterhalloween1jukes.jpg ... gonna rattle a few bones locally !!

West Plains Opera House Halloween Blues Bash - JACK FM !

October 26, 2010

http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g96/memphiswitch777/7065-004-01-1047.gifHAPPI HALLOWEENhttp://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g96/memphiswitch777/7065-004-01-1047.gif

(this evenings line up from L-R)
Jerry Bone, myself, Bob Bogdal, and Elam McKnight

Hadda a great tyme at the Elam McKnight show and was more than happi with the turnout !
nothing like a full moon ta stir up a lil Hoo Doo Blues

Losta fun and getting to play with the infamous Jerry Bone on Bass !!!http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g96/memphiswitch777/elambone333.jpg was a gas as well
... smooth daddy on the bass there my friends !!!

Also my first tyme playing with Harmonica great BOB BOGDAL http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g96/memphiswitch777/BOB333.jpg ...  awesome man.
Sorry I didn't make the rendezvous later that evening
a pool table caught me about midnight !

Seeing ole Friends http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g96/memphiswitch777/IMAG0022eeee.jpg
Fellow Jeepsters Derrick & Kyle !!!
and making new ones http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g96/memphiswitch777/Wee.jpg
ED BUTTON (JACK FM) as none other than DOCTOR GONZO
Looking forward to the next Elam show down in Clarksdale, Mississippi !!!


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October 22, 2010

Living in ARKANSAS and seeing where Mr Richard's new book is on the verge of launching, I thought I might post a lil info about an incident in 1975 ... when a small town in Arkansas "booked" a few of the Stones for an impromptu show


Back in 1975 the Rolling Stones played a July 4th concert to a crowd of 50,000 in Memphis. The morning of the fifth, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, bodyguard Jim Callaghan and a fan, Fred (or maybe "Red") A. Sessler, who had been following the tour, rented a yellow Chevrolet Impala and took the scenic route to their next show in Dallas.

At about 3:00p.m. they stopped here for a late lunch. This is the 4-Dice Restaurant in Fordyce. The restaurant signage used to feature four tumbling dice, which might or might not have attracted the attention of driver Keith Richards. (The Rolling Stones 1972 "Main Street" album featured the song "Tumbling Dice.")

At about 3:30, after having steaks and fried chicken and signing autographs, the group piled back into the car, pulled onto the Fordyce Bypass and pointed the grill toward Camden. Before they got out of Fordyce, however, the city police (Joe Taylor and Eddie Childers) had pulled them over. The newspapers reported several different versions as to exactly why they were pulled over. One story was that a waitress at the restaurant called in a complaint that the rockers had been overly boisterous and rowdy, disturbing the peace. Another story holds that a motorist called the police to report a car that was running other drivers off the road. Yet another story has the Fordyce Police stopping the car on the request of the State Police. And yet still again a further 'nother story is that the Fordyce police car saw the car swerve, pulled it over, and detained the driver on a weapons charge when a leather-sheathed hunting knife was spotted in the seat next to him.

Richards passed a sobriety test, but Judge Thomas Wynne issued search warrants for the car and luggage based on the reek of marijuana reported by the arresting officers. Everybody in the party denied smoking anything.

At about 7:00pm their lawyer, Bill Carter, flew in from Little Rock. Carter was a native of Rector, Arkansas who had served on the Secret Service security detail for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. He had originally signed on with the

Stones as a security consultant, but eventually became part of their legal representation. (He also represented country singer Tanya Tucker.) He is at least partly responsible for the decision to take the scenic drive. For years he had been telling the band about the state's natural beauty, so this little crew took the opportunity to check it out for themselves. Touring by car while others flew was characteristic of Richards, who liked driving the back roads and seeing the country.

The Stones were detained at the brand new City Hall, pictured above, while the car was searched at the Old City Hall, pictured below. There, officers found a small vial of cocaine and a coke spoon. Sessler was charged with possession of a controlled substance and posted a $5000 bond. The police department and Judge Mays told me that the cocaine and coke spoon, along with a finely tooled leather pouch containing hashish (found on the roadside near the spot where the car was stopped) were made part of an educational anti-drug display. Eventually, the drugs were destroyed as a matter of procedure, but the police still have the coke spoon in a safe. It can't definitively be proven that the leather pouch belonged to the traveling party since it was not found in the car itself, so it's not part of the case.

The longer the incident went on, the more embarrassing things were becoming for the town. The Stones weren't high and didn't have any drugs in their possession and weren't really causing a lot of problems and there were conflicting stories on exactly why they had been pulled over in the first place. To make matters worse, the rock stars were being very polite, patient and well-behaved. It would be awfully easy for the press to present this as harassment, and Arkansas has never looked very good in the mainstream press. Therefore, Deputy Prosecutor Tom Mays was eager to work with Carter to wrap things up and move the party along ASAP.

Carter advised Richards not to contest the reckless driving charge, but to defend the concealed weapon charge. There was a provision in the Arkansas law dating back to the 19th century that if you were on "a journey" you were allowed to carry weapons that you couldn't legally carry around your home town. By conventional application of that law people fourteen miles from home had been found to be "on a journey." For the reckless driving charge, Richards posted $162.50 bond, which he later, as expected, forfeited.

This was big excitement for the local teenagers, meaning fifty or sixty kids in this town of five thousand. The kids flocked around the jail in hopes of talking to the rock stars or getting an autograph or souvenir. One kid suggested trading hats with Keith Richards, who is pictured in the newspaper wearing his new denim railroad worker's hat. On my visit to Fordyce I tried to find out who that kid was and whether or not he still had Keith Richards's floppy brimmed hat. No luck. It's probably still in town somewhere, but I didn't find it.

I did however discover that there are several other Fordyce Incident artifacts in addition to the coke spoon and the allegedly connected leather pouch. Somebody in town has either a heavy shirt or light jacket with a Rolling Stones bird emblem on the back. Supposedly the former property of Richards. The cop that described it to me remarked about how skinny Richards must have been to be able to wear it. According to Judge Mays the original traffic citations have appeared on eBay but were not sold. Since the record was eventually expunged, some of the paperwork is now at large.

City Hall started getting phone calls from everywhere. From newspapers. From the State Department. From the British Consulate. From all the capitols of Europe. Streets around City Hall were jammed, and the Little Rock TV stations had all sent crews who were pressing the local cops to hurry up and reach some kind of conclusion in time to make the ten o'clock newscast.

Yellow 1975 Chevy Impala
The rental car was a 1975 Chevy Impala similar to this one. Pictured is a two-door model. The actual car might have had four.

The band's road manager arrived via chartered plane and a third, larger charter was summoned to get the band members to Dallas in time for the next show. The major expense incurred by the Stones organization as a result of the Fordyce Incident was probably charter aircraft.

For the most part, Richards and Wood cooled their heels in City Hall. They were never locked up, and they occasionally appeared at one or another entrance to chat with the locals and sign autographs. It was at one of these appearances that Richards traded hats with one of the local kids.

Finally at about 11:40pm, Carter and Mays held a press conference to announce the official version of what had happened.

It went like this: Driver Richards swerved the car when he leaned forward to adjust the radio. He was pulled over. The cop thought he smelled pot and thought the weapon was illegal. The group was therefore detained. Richards was given a sobriety test, which he passed. Warrants were issued. The search turned up coke, which belonged to Sessler. The knife was found to be legal. Richards posted $162.50 bond on the reckless driving charge. The Stones were taken into the courtroom where they posed for pictures and then everybody went out to the municipal airport to watch them fly off to Dallas.

Before we accuse the small-town cops of anything untoward, let's hop in the way back machine and remember what the stones were in 1975 and what the country was like. Today the Rolling Stones are 60. They're the elder statesmen of Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll itself is the music of the establishment generation. Today the Stones are safe enough socially to play halftime at the Super Bowl. In 1975 they were 30 years old and they were like Marilyn Manson in that your being a fan made your parents nervous. They were known for narcotics and for being anti-authoritarian. 1975 was also just at the end of the Vietnam War, at the time when the authorities and the hippie counterculture were at their most polarized. Who would have dreamed that the Rolling Stones would go anywhere WITHOUT a suitcase full of narcotics?

Well, that's just what happened. Somebody pulled them over on a day when they happened to be traveling  light, and Arkansas got another dose of the kind of publicity we hate. So before anybody alleges anything ask yourself this: Given the way things played out, who exactly would you say entrapped whom?


Top seven reasons not to get Drunk

October 22, 2010

nuff said ... be there or be Square

October 20, 2010

Requiem for an Old Tyme Fiddler

October 16, 2010

I am a little bit Country

In this scribblin' I am going to talk a lil' bit about my time in the country and the country music biz.

That's right.

I've done my time on the best of ole Hank's tunes, while living in Hillsboro Village in the heart of Nashville, as well as shared fence lines in Brentwood with Waylon Jenning's estate. Right in middle of the crazy rock n roll lifestyle I lead (which if ya believe I am like that 24/7 scroll down to the last entry on this section) I have played many a show with some of country music's finest.

From Wy to Tanya Tucker ... Billy Ray Cirrus to Dusty Rhodes. I have always had a country bug in my ear even in the rowdiest and hardest of rock tours. Now with the advent of Outlaw country's return, I find rock drummin' is working it's way deeper and deeper into the Nashville sound. To the point that now it is almost impossible to separate Rock and Country. An isolated studio drum track in a New Young Country song could easily be used to to pump a rock raised crowd into a frenzy with the abandon of hard metal.  Just listen and feel ... you will hear what I am sayin' without to much of a strain on the imagination.

In case you haven't read the drum kit bio and know the facts of formative years ... upon my father's retirement from the Air Force in 1971, I was moved from the jungles of Okinawa to the backwoods of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains. Where I was privileged to grow up onna farm.  Ridin' my horse bareback through the woods and across the meadows. Probably the reason I spend so much time in those hills today is too keep that down to earth grounded feeling in my soul and in my playing.




Requiem for an Old Tyme Fiddler

It is only fitting that if I am gonna talk country music that I mention a legendary Champion fiddle master, Dusty Rhodes who recently pasted away at the age of 85.

Now some of you younger ones may not have heard of Dusty Rhodes. Even some of you older country types (without cow shit on your boots) may scratch your head and attempt to place the name.

Dusty came from the old traditional country school of fiddling. He could slide easily from Irish jigs, which were learned and transferred by ear from immigrants coming to this country a 100 years ago, to the Bob Will's western swing, doghouse bass on the roof of the car days.

Dusty started out in radio in the 1930s and had his own variety show that ran 25 years. Guests included Elvis Arron Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and my main country man in in black, Johnny Cash. Rhodes also made many guest appearances on the Grand ole Opry and performed on over 80 recordings.

At 16, he played for Henry Ford, using Ford's Stradivarius violin. In 1967, Rhodes performed for President Lyndon B. Johnson and wife, Lady Bird, at their Stonewall Ranch in Texas.

My time with Dusty started when I was fourteen.

Dusty had just moved back to the Ozarks after many years in Nashville and hired me to play with him on weekends, in a local restaurant he was part owner of. He was basically going into retirement, but being a professional musician all his life, he was not exactly looking forward to sittin' around his front porch, when he could still get out there and saw the strings offa fiddle with the best of 'em.

He prepared me well for some of the thrash bands (like DRI) I jammed with later in Los Angeles.

You see Dusty's fiddlin' feature was a version of the classic country tune, "The Orange Blossom Special" ... played somewhere between 225 - 250 beats per minute.

Stamina my friends.


Through hiring me, Dusty gave me one of my first payin' gigs and I worked with him all the way through my second year in college. Where I would make the 100 mile drive every weekend to play and would sit in between breaks working on my music theory assignments.

This worked out great since most of the time Dusty's son in law, Charlie Chalmers, was present on the sax and helped me through many a tough second inversion German Neapolitan chord progression. Yes they even make drummers learn such things when you study classical.

In case ya haven't heard of hitman Charlie. Google in his name cross-referenced with Al Green and Stax sometime.

When Charlie wasn't sittin' in with Dusty's group, he was out on the road more often than not with Bee Gees. We are talking the early 80s here so you can imagine I ain't Jive Talkin' with a Saturday Night Fever.

But back to Dusty ...

I was glad we got a chance to play together a few months before he left us. Nothing big. A few local shows, where Dusty would only do a few numbers, before adjourning to the dressing room to smoke a cigarette, under the no smoking sign ... his frail hand serving has a make shift ashtray.

This was about a month before Dusty had to be put in an old folks home, where I would often visit him. I always felt in debt to him for giving a little teenage kid a break so many years ago.

Dusty taught me a very, valuable lesson when I was a young drummer just starting in the business. At that time I was still learning the basics of professional drumming and my timing was not near what it would later become. So on one particular night when my tempo was wavering. Dusty approached me on our break and with manner befittin' such a country gentleman offered this little piece of advice.

"Son when you play behind me you just keep that snare drum and bass drum steady. Think pay -check. pay-check, pay-check." I use that philosophy successfully to this very day.

Unfortunately for me, but I am sure one of the best things for him, Dusty was taken out of the retirement home a few months before he passed .

The last time I saw him I walked him to his car, shook his hand and told him I was  honored to carry his fiddle case. Then I watched his pink Lincoln drive off into the night for the last time. Leaving me with the last fiddle tune I would ever hear him play.

He will be sadly missed by alot of wonderful musicians who shared stages with him around the world and on his television show. There will be no more like him. When he left us he took with him a tradition of fiddling that can never be replicated by any slicked up Nashville production team ... never.



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